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What we do.

Formulate a full-fledged content strategy with key audience segments, full-funnel gap analysis, key metrics, and distribution strategy, layering out an overarching month-to-month schedule. A complete playbook comes with a brand voice and style guide that your team can use across all written assets and copy.

Bring your content strategy to life using Imagine Content’s team of writers and editors to produce your articles, white papers, ebooks, product marketing collateral, thought leadership, and more. We’ll edit using your preferred style guide and use your feedback to guide future pieces, too. 

Measure your content’s impact via KPIs and optimize your efforts through feedback loops. Imagine Content will stand up dashboards that align with your goals, helping guide and fine-tune your efforts with data as the foundation of all decisions.

Build a robust email audience and earn your spot in the inbox via a value-packed series of newsletters, one-off campaigns, and more, all molded with best practices and top deliverability services. Through various tests, you’ll discover optimized subject lines, sending times, top CTAs, and more.

Set the foundation for your brand with a complete messaging rehaul. Combine insights from your team, customers, and industry stakeholders to formulate a strategic messaging guide to steer all future content efforts. With value propositions at the forefront of this work, your messaging becomes clear with strong takeaways on how you serve the market best. 

Make your content shine and shimmer with a variety of graphic design outputs and video that elevate its ability to be understood, digested, and shared. From social media design and animations to in-content visuals like charts, maps, and infographics, your content can move the needle further, expanding its shelf life and impact. 

Level up and outsource your content efforts to Imagine Content, where we serve as your “partnered content studio”, working closely with you to guide both strategy and execution, being fully integrated into your broader marketing goals. Imagine Content will work across all content efforts: content production, analytics, email, design, and video.

Take advantage of our team’s experience working with 20+ ag brands to help guide and shape your content strategy. We’ll provide key content best practices while evaluating your existing content library and analytics to look for opportunities. Plus, we’ll be regularly available to strategize and brainstorm top tactics.

What our content looks like.

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Hey, folks!

Growing up in a family of pork producers in Carroll County, Indiana, I always knew I’d stay connected to agriculture. After getting my degree in agribusiness management from Purdue, I spent my early career in sales and marketing roles for Dow AgroSciences and Elanco Animal Health.

With the itch to explore the AgTech space, I pivoted to supporting marketing efforts for a handful of startups. That journey eventually led me to launch the Magnetic Ag newsletter, which I later sold to Ag Future of America.

These days, I head up Imagine Content & Consulting, where my team has supported 25+ brands across production agriculture, agribusiness, and AgTech.

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