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Good morning… or should I say, ‘Good morning, eh?’

I’m typing this from ‘the Queen City’ — aka Regina, Canada — where I’m hanging out with the Cultivator team as they run the 2nd cohort of their AgTech Accelerator.

I’ll be chatting it up on all thing content in agriculture (yes, memes and GIFs will be included in the presentation) with their 16 company participants.

Admittedly, I’m tossing today’s email together pretty last minute, so I thought I’d repurpose 3 content nuggets I’ll be sharing with the group here this week.

Today’s estimated read time: 3.2 minutes

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Three Takeaways from Travis’ Cultivator Presentation

1. Who is your audience?

Most of the groups I’m talking to this week are in true startup mode. They’re trying to have the biggest impact with limited resources. It’s tough.

But there is an advantage.

Large companies serve a wide variety of prospects and customers. But that also means their content has to serve a broader audience…

This is where startups can pounce:

Honing in on demographic and psychographic insights of your audience (I dive into that later in the presentation!) allows you to create content specifically for your prospects.

Will you have 10,000 readers or followers immediately? No.

But the odds of snagging 50 raving content fans goes up quickly. And that’s probably more important.

2. Attribution Isn’t Immediate

ROI is a big deal. I get it.

I’m not expecting any founder to spend time or resources on content without an end goal of *real results*.

But early on, it might take a minute to start seeing the content flywheel spin…

I go on to share the actual metrics, tools, and processes to capture results. But I always lead with this so leaders aren’t expecting a hard $$$ attribution number after 2 blogs and a single newsletter.

You betcha, I’ve been there.

3. Give It Time

This might be just an extension of Point #2, but worth a repeat if so…

Owned content is a long-term game that pays dividends.

Sometimes that’s a hard message to convey to a startup. But if they can get behind the idea, they are setting themselves up for compounding content results.

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