Wash, rinse, repeat: Content waterfalls

Good morning and happy December, friends.

Like clockwork, 2023 content planning sessions pepper the next ~3 weeks of my calendar.

And while ‘Zoom fatigue’ is a very real thing, I love these conversations. These meetings fuel my fun meter. 🤓

There’s never a shortage of agenda topics, from strategy discussions and thought leadership outlines to SEO game plans and distribution tactics.

Plus, I can comb through my 173-page Google Doc of content inspiration. It’s a mishmash of unique, creative ideas.

And since my team works exclusively with agriculture-related companies, it’s fun to ideate how to approach farmer and agribusiness audiences in new, compelling ways via content.

Did I mention I’m a content nerd…?

Since this is the heat of planning season, we’ll keep today’s newsletter to my ‘Three Interesting Finds’ below. Enjoy!

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Three Interesting Finds

1. Wash, Rinse, Repeat

If there’s one tactic I’ve attempted to brainwash into my clients in 2022, it’s this:

Make your content go further and work smarter via content repurposing and recycling.

Take a webinar, for example.

You spent countless hours…

✅ Aligning participant schedules

✅ Corraling speaker slides

✅ Marketing the event for registrations

…all while making sure the content packed a punch and drove value for folks tuning in.

God forbid you forget to hit ‘record’ on that sucker when you go live.

Here’s the point: Don’t you want to extract every ounce of value from that damn webinar?!

Let me answer that for you… YES.

So how do you create that content waterfall?

Before we go there, let’s knock out two definitions:

  • Content repurposing: Taking existing content and repackaging it in other content forms.

    • Example: Taking key points from the webinar and creating a thought leadership piece.
  • Content recycling: Taking existing content and splicing it to distribute on other channels.

    • Example: Cutting up the webinar recording and sharing compelling clips on LinkedIn posts.

Here’s a great visual from Devin Reed over at The Reeder:

His example reveals how an original thought leadership report is both repurposed and recycled into 22 outputs through different formats and various distribution channels.

And I can find even more opportunities he hasn’t noted above.

What about using that thought leadership report by:

  • Sending it in monthly prospect and customer newsletters
  • Molding it for a pitch to attract earned media
  • Teasing it out into a Twitter thread

And the list can go on and on and on…

Here’s another excellent example shared in The Hustle’s Trends community that has more of an audio/video angle:

I won’t belabor the point.

It’s not rocket science. Just map it out.

Some simple strategies and elbow grease can help your content reach new heights.

Give it a go.

2. A Story Surge

Hot take from Travis: A CEO or Founder, and their ability to collaborate on content, will make or break any thought leadership efforts for a company.

Enter Nathan Baugh’s recent blog post…

How to generate 100s of story ideas every year

While Nathan’s focus isn’t necessarily on professional content, his tactic still applies.

Ask a leader to type out 1-2 learnings in a spreadsheet at the beginning or end of every week. That insight can come from a conversation with a customer or team member. Or maybe it’s something they see in another industry that feels relatable.

The options are endless.

By giving a leader a structured process, you create a bank of potential content ideas to expand on.

Try this with the leaders in your company and write me back – I’d love to hear how it goes! I’ll be implementing the practice with a few of my own clients in 2023. 👏🏼

3. LinkedIn: Testing, Testing…

We’ve got some LinkedIn-loving (or loathing) readers here, so I wanted to share a headline that caught my eye:

LinkedIn Launches Native Post Scheduling in App – Social Media Today

I’ve always wondered if posting natively on LinkedIn increases the impression count versus using a 3rd-party social scheduling tool.

Now I can test it and find out…

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